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Read This Before You Paint Your Front Door

26 December

We’re loving this article from the DIY Network. WHEN TO PAINT Almost every inch of your home requires some amount of maintenance, including your front door. Painted doors are prone to chipping over time, and can require touch-ups; however occasionally you may be ready for an entirely new look. In either case, set aside time […]

How Wood is Stabilizing House Siding Across the Country

21 December

Wood siding is one of the easiest siding options, allowing the installer to get the crucial corner and window details. Aesthetically, wood makes a beautiful first impression for home owners, and allows them the option to repaint or stain, changing the color with minimal effort. C’s Exterior Designs offers Montana Ghost Wood, which focuses on dead timber, replicating […]

Choosing Vinyl Siding for Your Home Remodel

20 December

C’s Exteriors Designs wants to introduce you to the high quality vinyl siding from Mastic. Coupled with our flawless installation, this siding will be the fastest and easiest part of your home remodel. Mastic is one of the leading manufacturers in vinyl siding, and is a truly excellent investment with a clean and comely finish. […]

Learning More About Concrete Siding

19 December

BY EMILIO BONILLA What is Concrete Siding?Concrete siding is a type of siding that is created from a mixture of materials. The concrete is a composite material made out of sand, cement, and cellulose. One of the great benefits of concrete is its resistance against harsh weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail, and hurricanes. […]

Which Window? IV

18 December

from Houzz Awning windows are a favorite of architects and designers trying to achieve a wall of large glass sheets with a minimum frame and where fresh air venting is desired or required. A classically contemporary setup is the large fixed glass panel set above an awning window that is kept low in the wall. […]

How to File a Roof Hail Damage Insurance Claim

07 December

After a storm, many home owners can feel overwhelmed. From broken windows to split siding and destroyed roofs, it can be terrifying to recover after a storm. But it doesn’t have to be! At C’s Exterior Designs, we want you to feel confident and secure as a home owner. Learn how to file a roof hail […]

Replacing Siding: When?

03 December

Replacing siding is a monumental step for most homeowners. For some, it comes after a damaging event like a hail storm, but for many siding is an eyesore that has to be replaced before selling or to increase the worth of the house. Take a look at our list below and see if your home […]

Benefiting From Natural Light in the Home

01 December
Natural Light in the Home

Especially in northern areas, the long winter months can seem endlessly grey and dreary.  And most feel the effects of being confined to the house without continual access to sunlight.  And aside from investing in a tropical vacation each year, what are the options?  One way to help yourself be more “productive, happier, healthier, and […]

Fiber Cement Siding Looks Like Wood

27 November

by Rob Levesque Fiber cement siding is a durable choice among the variety of materials you can choose to put on your home. It has a number of attributes that make it appealing and possesses relatively few shortcomings. It gets good marks for being nearly maintenance free, aside from the fact that it’s a product that still […]

Fiber Cement Siding

24 November

BY EMILIO BONILLA Fiber cement cladding, or siding, is a current popular choice of siding for builders and homeowners alike.  Choosing the siding for a home can be a tedious process when faced with not only color choices that will complement the home, but types of siding as well.  Siding is one of the biggest […]