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When is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding? Part I

08 November

BY EMILIO BONILLA Home siding is the exterior look of a home, and it adds both appeal and value to the property. But besides the obvious cosmetic appeal, the siding’s true purpose is to protect from the elements and defend the house from intrusion from insects, fungus, and other infestations seeking to enter the home. […]

Check Your Roof for Damage

21 June

After a storm, it can be so tempting to climb up and check your roof for damage, especially after a hail storm or strong winds. But there are safer ways to check for damage that don’t involve pulling out an eight-foot ladder. After the storm has passed, check the size of the hail left behind; […]

Avoiding Contractor Scams

17 June

from The National Storm Damage Center Every year, many homes and commercial buildings are damaged by severe storms. Property owners become the victims of unlicensed, uninsured, inexperienced contractors and outright scammers who come to prey on uninformed people. Poor quality contractors and scammers can cause permanent damage, devalue your property, steal your money and put […]

Identifying Storm Damage

14 June

from the National Storm Damage Center Roof Damage When most people think of roofing shingles, they are actually thinking of asphalt shingles, the most common type of shingles in the country. Asphalt shingles are made from asphalt re-enforced with either organic material or fiberglass and they are coated with small metallic surface granules that protect […]

How Can I Tell if I Have Hail Damage?

09 June

by US Inspect Marketing I received a call from a local realtor this past week asking how to identify hail damage to her roof. It seems a recent hail storm passing through the area brought out the “roof inspectors” enmasse, many of whom were knocking on her door. We talked for a while about the […]

Dealing with Home Repair After a Hail Storm (Part III)

02 June

Roofs that are damaged by hail are often on the top of every home owner’s list when it comes to repairs. Roofs are “big ticket” purchases, and the decisions you make about your home shouldn’t be taken lightly. Owners have to place their trust in a roof contractor after a storm to do his job […]

Dealing with Home Repair After a Hail Storm (Part II)

31 May

Unfortunately, you can’t protect everything in a hail storm. If you’ve been hit in the recent months, it may be time to start talking to contractors and your insurance company to discover the best solution for you. Often, windows take the brunt of the damage in a hail storm, leaving you with damaged exteriors and […]

Dealing with Home Repair After a Hail Storm

26 May

A spring and summer hail storm in Billings, MT, can wreak havoc on siding, roofs, gardens, and windows. Often these storm are accompanied by heavy rain, strong winds, and always seem to hit at the worst time. Older homes seem to take the brunt of the damage, sporting large holes and splits in their siding, […]

Six Tips to Reduce Your Siding Cost

17 May

Siding in Billings, MT, doesn’t have to be outrageously expensive. Take a look at your list below outlining our tips on cutting the cost of residing your home. Do your research on siding materials before you start talking to a contractor. Compare the cost of different materials and understand the benefits of each. Siding in […]

Replacing Siding: When? Part II

05 May

A continuation of our previous post regarding when to replace siding, this article is designed to include various guidelines and warning signs of when your home could benefit from fresh siding. Severely faded siding indicates that your home siding has reached the end of its life expectancy. Nothing lasts forever, and even the most substantial siding […]