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Annual Window Checklist

01 February
Annual Window Checklist

Did you know you should be checking your windows every year to ensure they are performing the way they should?  Simonton Windows & Doors gives you a handy window checklist, along with a video, of five easy things you can check on your windows for optimal performance throughout the years. If you are in the market for […]

What You Should Know About Energy Efficient Windows

01 February
Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficiency is more than simply a buzz phrase in window choices.  An important aspect to consider when purchasing new and/or replacement windows is how well they will insulate your home, resulting in a larger return on investment.  Ply Gem discusses 3 factors you should consider when choosing energy efficient windows. We also discuss the […]

Why are Double Hung Windows So Popular?

01 February
Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are a popular choice for style and functionality.  They feature two window sashes (panes of glass) – one on top and one on bottom – that both open for multiple ventilation options and easy window use.  In modern double hung windows, both sashes also tilt inward for easier cleaning.  Because the features […]

Replacement Window Cost Factors

30 January

Replacing your windows can be a costly investment and therefore, a big decision. There are numerous factors to consider and a variety of window elements that can affect the cost of window replacement. Simonton Windows & Doors aids the buying process by narrowing down the factors to consider into four categories: 1. Material of the […]

8 Important Facts About Buying Replacement Windows

25 January
8 Facts About Buying Replacement Windows

If you’re unsure whether replacing your current windows would be worth the hassle and the price tag, you have more than likely been researching the subject extensively.  Unfortunately, with the volume of information available, it can feel overwhelming to sort through the clutter and know you are making the right decision.  Simonton Windows & Doors has […]

The Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

21 January
Simonton Triple Pane Windows

Discussing the value of investing in triple pane, or triple glazed, windows elicits contrary opinions from homeowners, contractors, and manufacturers alike.  Triple pane windows offer an additional glazing layer with a low-emissivity (low-e) coating.  Low-e is a clear window coating technology that traps heat and allows light to pass through the window.  Triple pane windows […]