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Choosing Vinyl Siding for Your Home Remodel

20 December

Vinyl Siding | Home RemodelC’s Exteriors Designs wants to introduce you to the high quality vinyl siding from Mastic. Coupled with our flawless installation, this siding will be the fastest and easiest part of your home remodel. Mastic is one of the leading manufacturers in vinyl siding, and is a truly excellent investment with a clean and comely finish.

Where traditional vinyl siding tends to fall short, Mastic siding is leading the industry. Built to withstand buckling, bending, or splintering, Mastic siding is perfect for the Montana life-style. Spend less time worrying and working on your house, or renovating your siding every few years, and more time out in the mountains. Let us show you how beautiful and simple new Mastic vinyl siding can be.

Mastic includes amazing properties and features, including:

  • Color through the entire panel, so nicks and scratches are invisible.
  • Outstanding weather resistance which protects the vinyl color.
  • Zero rotting, flaking, peeling, or blistering.
  • Impervious to insects and vermin burrowing, gnawing, or nesting between the panels and the framing.
  • Almost maintenance-free—simply rinse off with a garden hose.
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Color coordination between siding and Mastic accessories.

Mastic vinyl siding is one of the most innovative options you can choose from in today’s market. They offer nine beautiful varieties to choose from, so you’re guaranteed to see what you’re dreaming of after your home remodel. Whether you want the solid look of wood, the smooth finish of high quality traditional vinyl, or truly vivid colors, Mastic and C’s Exterior Designs wants to give you the best siding for your home.

Mastic offers an innovative snap locking system that has a 165 mph wind rating, ideal for standing up to Billings, MT, harsh winter storms. The industry-leading thickness contributes another layer of insulation against frigid and sweltering temps—a must-have in the constantly changing Montana seasons.

Trust your home and loved ones to the industrial quality and pristine look of Mastic siding, installed by C’s Exterior Designs. Give us a call today and schedule your consultation, or visit us in person at 6809 King Ave W, Billings, MT.