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Fiber Cement Siding

24 November


Fiber cement cladding, or siding, is a current popular choice of siding for builders and homeowners alike.  Choosing the siding for a home can be a tedious process when faced with not only color choices that will complement the home, but types of siding as well.  Siding is one of the biggest investments one can make for the outside of the home, and is something that needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Fiber cement siding is able to encompass all areas of concern while giving any style of home great curb appeal.

Top Three Reasons for Choosing Fiber Cement

Fiber cement cladding offers lower maintenance than traditional wood siding.  While giving the desired look of painted wood, fiber cement does not require the same upkeep as wood.  Wood needs to be painted or stained every five to ten years depending upon weather conditions.  Fiber cement extends that to ten to fifteen years or longer.

Unlike wood siding, fiber cement is pest-resistant.  With this type of siding, a homeowner will not have to worry about ants, termites, bees, or even woodpeckers.  Pesticides and the hiring of pest control services will not be needed, as fiber cement wards off pests since they are unable to penetrate this type of siding.

There will also be less peeling and rotting due to wet weather.  While not totally water repellent, there will not be as many moisture problems with fiber cement as there generally is with wood siding.  Because there are still some wood particles used on most brands of fiber cement siding, peeling may still occur if the siding is used in high moisture areas such as around decks, walkways, or against roofs.

If nearly completely maintenance free siding is appealing, than fiber cement siding made completely wood-free would be the best option.  This fiber cement is made from polymeric resin and granular stone with absolutely no wood particles.  This type of fiber cement will not require painting ever, as the siding color will not chip away or drastically fade.  This type of fiber cement also will not peel or rot since there is no wood in the siding.  Like fiber cement that does contain wood, it is also repellent to insects and pests.

Lower maintenance is often an appealing factor when deciding upon the type of siding for either a new construction home or the renovation of an existing home.  Fiber cement cladding is a desirable choice of siding for homeowners looking to have limited maintenance needs.