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How Wood is Stabilizing House Siding Across the Country

21 December

Wood siding is one of the easiest siding options, allowing the installer to get the crucial corner and window details. Aesthetically, wood makes a beautiful first impression for home owners, and allows them the option to repaint or stain, changing the color with minimal effort.

C’s Exterior Designs offers Montana Ghost Wood, which focuses on dead timber, replicating the look of reclaimed wood while protecting historical buildings. They are driven to providing a beautiful, sustainable, ethical product with minimal waste. Capturing the look of Montana, with a rich aesthetic, this wood is a wonderful house siding option. A Bitterroot Valley Forest Product that has developed a proprietary multi step process to produce a new wood product that resembles reclaimed wood at half the price.

How Wood Siding Increases Home Value

Wood is a green product, and has proven sustainable for years. As a natural barricade from the elements, wood is easy to care for, simple to customize, and provides a handsome exterior look for years to come. Wood is also an effective sound barrier, and can be hugely beneficial in large or noisy cities. Mimicking acoustic wall panels, wood siding muffles the noise reverberating off of cement, pavement, and glass. It is also an excellent insulator, providing your home with a second layer of weather protection and serving to protect you and your loved ones from cold or extreme heat.

Wood siding requires far fewer processes to become a completed product, using less fuel and creating a much smaller carbon footprint. At the end of its life, wood siding is easily recycled, extending the usefulness of the product.

Exterior siding can be a daunting decision to make. At C’s Exterior Designs, we want you to feel confident through every step of the process. Call us today to schedule your first consultation.