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How Fiber Cement Siding is Installed

18 March

  Created from wood, sand, and cement, it can be confusing to discuss fiber cement siding. The process it surprisingly simple, from start to finish, and leaves you with a beautiful, refreshed home that will withstand the temperature and weather changes year round. Enjoy the colors, patterns, and style siding you’ve always dreamed of, and […]

Let Fiber Cement Siding Protect Your Home and the Environment

15 March

Fiber cement siding is the most environmentally sustainable exterior siding option. Created from wood fiber (usually waste product), cement, and sand, fiber cement siding is simple to create, costs significantly less to manufacture, and is easy to affix to a home. Available in a variety of finishes and colors, fiber cement siding far outlasts other […]

Looking at Fiber Cement Siding

10 March

Fiber cement siding is a durable, beautiful, and natural-looking alternative to vinyl, traditional wood, or metal siding. Rising in popularity in the 1980s, fiber cement siding is modeled to look like natural wood, but without wood rot, termite issues, or the yearly maintenance. Fiber cement siding often cannot be distinguished from the more susceptible wood siding. Fiber […]

Comparing Vinyl and Fiber Cement Siding

09 March

If you’re looking for siding, there are plenty of options to choose from, like vinyl, fiber cement, and metal. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, so the decision as to which to use is not an easy one. You’ll have to weigh your options carefully and evaluate a couple of factors, not […]

Six Spring Cleaning Tips for March

02 March

Now that winter is officially out the door and warmer weather is upon us, it’s time to handle some quick spring cleaning. Keep these six tasks on your radar and enjoy a worry-free spring and summer. Clean out your gutters. Gutters collect wet leaves, branches, and other debris that can clog and rot. Take the […]

Increasing the Curb Appeal of Your Home

26 February

Sometimes increasing the curb appeal of your home can feel daunting. We all know that the exterior of a home is just as important to buyers as inside renovations, but work outside is more permanent, expensive, and sometimes dangerous. And with hundreds of magazine and online articles pointing to costly and difficult renovations, it’s easy to feel […]

Understanding Cultured Stone

21 February

  Montana provides the perfect backdrop for designing with stone. The rough, natural finish is ideal for many, but the weight and cost can be extremely prohibitive. Cultured stone offers a new medium and gives more home owners the option for stone without the stress. What is Cultured Stone Cultured stone, also sometimes referred to as manufactured […]

Inspiring Exterior Window Renovations

19 February

When it comes to increasing your curb appeal, window renovations  are important—from the inside and the outside! Add color! With a neutral color palette, homes can benefit from a bright, punchy addition of color. Whether you choose to add colorful shutters, bright window trims, or a cheery front door, your curb just got a little more […]

Increase Your Home Efficiency with Simonton Windows

18 February

Simonton Windows are an Energy Star partner, meaning that they’ve researched and perfected their windows to be the most energy efficient choice for the customer. Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, having energy efficient windows installed is an easy way to increase your home’s protection against the elements.   How […]

When is it Time to Replace Your Windows?

01 February

Because replacing your windows can be a hassle as well as a steep investment, it can be challenging to know when it is definitively time to bite the bullet.  Fortunately, Ply Gem has compiled a list of 6 ways to know when it’s time to invest in replacement windows: Opening/closing your windows has become difficult. […]