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Crane Vinyl Siding Billings MTWhy Exterior Portfolio?

They don’t settle for cookie-cutter design, and neither should you. Now, you have access to a palette of distinctive choices. Exterior Portfolio is a complete collection of cladding products that will give the face of your home an image you will love. The unlimited design options of Exterior Portfolio have been used to create some of America’s most beautiful homes. Now you can enjoy this same impact with the added value of long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.Crane Vinyl Siding Billings MT

The outside of your home is the first layer of the unique design you will create for yourself, your family and friends. It sends a message to the world about your personal sense of style. Be sure it’s saying who you really are.

Crane Vinyl Siding Billings MTCrane Solid Core:  Give your home a classic, crisp-looking exterior with CraneBoard triple 6″ or double 7″.  It’s the 21st century version of a time-tested surface that works in beautiful harmony with accents of shake, stone and board & batten, or can be used to cover an entire facade with smooth integrity.  It’s patented SmartCORE, built in, insulation gives your home an engineered performance advantage against heat and cold.

Premium Pointe 360:  Premium Pointe 360 will give your home the prestigious presentation it craves.  Available in Double 4″ and Double 4.5″ Dutchlap profiles, its tasteful and handsome hues combine to produce a stunning exterior silhouette.  With its unequaled quality, pronounced performance advantages and alluring appearance, you’ll feel confident choosing this product for a virtually maintenance free exterior.

Crane Vinyl Siding Billings MTMarket Square:  Protect your home with siding that’s sure to look amazing for years to come with Market Square.® Its remarkably engineered features elevate your home’s beauty while guarding it from the elements – no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Available in Double 4”, Double 4.5” Dutchlap and Double 5” profiles, Market Square will give your home a strikingly attractive, yet affordable, natural, lasting look.

American Dream Edge:  Give your home an appealing appearance that’s sure to endure with American Dream™ Edge.  With its exclusive WindBracer® wind-lock technology and durable profiles, American Dream Edge ensures that your home will maintain its beautiful, authentic,soft wood texture and finish.  Exterior Portfolio® has significantly enhanced American Dream Edge to make it the best value on the market. Available in Double 4″, Double 4″ Dutchlap, and Double 5″ Dutchlap, there’s an alluring American Dream Edge style to give your home the exact look you want.

Crane Vinyl Siding Billings MT

Portsmouth Shake Series: The process of hand splitting shingles produces an enchanting, rustic texture in each individual piece.  The rich, deeply ingrained surfaces of Hand-Split Portsmouth Shake® are patterned from real split cedar.  With the same authentic presence and intense shadows as hand-split wood, it provides immense dimension and gives a home an extremely interesting appearance.