Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters Billings MTThe term “seamless” gutter is actually a misnomer for “continuous” gutter. When first developed, the portable roll forming equipment we now call gutter machines were described as seamless roll formers. This description came from the idea that a standard sized roll of aluminum gutter coil could form approximately 1,000′ of gutter at one time. As no residence had need for any gutter nearly that long, the term “seamless” was coined.

Both surfaces of continuous gutter have a meticulously controlled coating of a thermally set polyester acrylic paint applied before they are roll formed. The inside surface is coated with the same type finish applied at 10% of the face coat thickness. This is applied to provide a “buffer” between the layers of aluminum as they are coiled to protect the sheen of the outside coat. This coating has a high modulus of expansion, which allows it to be stretched drastically before it fails. The aluminum sheet will show no signs of missing paint as it is rolled through forming machine at the job site. Numerous colors are available to compliment the roof or trim colors of any home.

The principal reason continuous gutter is so popular with builders and remodelers is that aluminum does not red rust. Aluminum has the property that when it does oxide, (rust), the oxide forms a protective coating to prevent further oxidation.

Also, aluminum is pound for pound stronger than steel. That’s why aircraft are covered in aluminum, not steel.

Now that you’ve gotten a science lesson, would you like to hear the top reasons to install seamless rain gutter from C’s Exterior Designs?

  • Gutter systems are designed to collect water from your roof and disperse that water away from your homeRain Gutters Billings MT
  • Improper rain gutter installation can lead to damaged roof decking, fascia board and soffits
  • In correctly placed downspouts can lead to damaged foundations, driveways, sidewalks and landscaping
  • Seamless rain gutter can give your home that finished look
  • Hundreds of colors to chose from
  • Available in 5″ residential or 6″ commercial sizes in aluminum, steel and copper