Soffit and Fascia

Exterior Soffit & Exterior Fascia Billings MTMaintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home is a difficult, but very necessary chore. C’s Exterior Designs’ soffit and metal fascia choices give your home a beautiful finished look while providing the ventilation needed to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics. All of our distinctive soffit designs are available in both solid and vented panels. Solid panels also make for an attractive vertical siding installation or porch overhang ceiling.  Available in corresponding colors, all of our fascia is available in steel or aluminum to fit your project’s needs.

C’s Exterior Designs carries a full line of vinyl and aluminum soffit along with steel and aluminum fascia. Our reinforced premium vinyl soffit combines the beauty and performance of wood with the durability and easy-care convenience of vinyl. Plus it’s invisibly vented to help keep attics cool.  Our aluminum soffit provides durability and rigidity for those wide spanning areas and is available in realistic looking wood grained textures.

Exterior Soffit & Exterior Fascia Billings MTWood soffit looks good, but it can warp and rot after exposure to dampness normally found at eaves and porch ceilings. C’s Exterior Designs offers soffit that is made to be weather-resistant, so rain and humidity don’t cause problems.

Dampness also produces a tough cleanup problem – mold and mildew stains. But with our soffit choices, you just wash panels occasionally with a garden hose to restore their like-new beauty. No more sanding, staining or painting.


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Exterior Soffit & Exterior Fascia Billings MT

Exterior Soffit & Exterior Fascia Billings MT