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Simplify Buying Your Windows

11 November

Replacing your windows is a pricey venture, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be difficult. The key is to find a contractor you trust, a window style you enjoy, and options you need, with nothing extra.

Replace for the Right Reasons

When it comes to window shopping, it’s important to keep your head in the game, so to speak. Don’t think that replacing your windows today will lower your heating bill tomorrow, or that a new window will save you on AC costs down the road. New windows are needed when you’re current windows are damaged, poorly installed, or not functional. Think of energy savings as a long-term investment not just for you, but for future home-owners as well.

Upgrade Only Where Needed

Like a drink at a coffee shop, upgrades add ¬†up quick and before you know it, you’ll be over budget. Focus on features that add the most value for you, and skip on the extras like triple-insulated glass, or interior blinds if you need to save money. The more windows you can afford to have installed at the same time, the better your home will look.

Know When to Save

It doesn’t ever hurt to price shop, but that doesn’t mean that you should go with the cheapest option and stop looking. Know that some utility companies and city or state programs offer energy saving rebates, which can lower your overall costs.

Save Installing for the Pros

Just because it may be cheaper to buy windows at a box store and install them yourself doesn’t mean that you should. Installation is a critical step and shouldn’t be overlooked or rushed past in favor of saving some money. Find a qualified contractor and put your trust in them.

If you’re ready to see what new windows can do for your home, call us today and schedule your consultation!