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Which Window? II

12 October

Sliding windows

from Houzz

The sliding or gliding window functions much like a double-hung window. The big difference is that the sash will slide horizontally rather than vertically. It’s as if a double-hung is placed on its side.

When to use them. Because a sliding or gliding window typically has a distinctly horizontal proportion, these windows are good for ranch homes and other designs that stress horizontality. Certainly, this type of window is ideal for a location that has horizontal proportions already and you where want to maximize the amount of glass for light and view.

As with a double-hung window, the sashes in a slider/glider are staggered, with one sliding past the other. The result is a window that has two distinctive operating parts, each in a different plane. So this window wouldn’t be an option for a design where a solid and uniform single sheet of glass is wanted.

Cost. The materials and costs range much as with a double hung window. The lower costs would be for a slider/glider made with a vinyl frame and sash and some basic glazing.

Casement windows

A casement window is a very common window type and can be found in designs from traditional to contemporary. The window is a single sash that’s attached to a frame on one side. Hinges, or a hinge, is used to make the attachment, allowing the window to swing exactly like a door. But a casement window invariably only swings out. This makes it important to place a casement window away from traffic. No one wants to be banged in the head by an open casement window when taking groceries into the kitchen.

When to use them. Because the casement window is one sash, casement windows can be grouped together so that all of the panes of glass are in one plane. This gives a cleaner and more contemporary look to these windows, even when styled with traditional trim and pane patterns.

Other important visual aspects of casement windows include the screen location on the inside and the hardware. Because the screen is on the inside, it becomes a visually important element when looking through the windows from inside the house.
If looking through the screens all of the time bothers you, investing in screening material that visually disappears or a retractable screen system would be worthwhile. As for hardware, you’ll have to select style and finish. The crank will be a visually significant element. If seeing this bothers you, you’ll want to opt for a folding crank that’s finished to match the interior finish as appropriate.