Why choose C’s Exterior Designs?

Choose C's Exterior Designs in Billings, MT

Who do you trust?  Who do you believe?  WHO SHOULD YOU PICK?!?

Choose C's Exterior Designs in Billings, MTSometimes, you hear so many different things that it’s difficult to know what to believe.  It seems everyone has a different opinion about products, manufactures, the competition and on and on and on.  We do too, but C’s Exterior Designs, guarantees to you…


  • We don’t believe in high pressure sales.  If we’re in your home for more than 1 hour, it’s because you want us there.
  • Our estimating is top notch.  We believe that if we’ve messed up a bid, we’re going to eat the cost difference.  Not you.  Ever.
  • Once we start a project, we finish it.  We will never start, leave for a few days, and come back.  We are there for the duration from start to finish.
  • Because we aren’t partners with any manufacturers or suppliers, we don’t steer you in any one direction for financial gain.
  • We will give you a fact based, non-biased opinions on any product or service available.
  • Our installers show up on time and leave on time.
  • Our installers pick up the job site how they’re supposed to.
  • We never bad mouth our competition.  Our products and workmanship speak for themselves.
  • No smoking allowed? No problem just let us know and we’ll kick the butts.
  • Don’t like radios playing?  Just let us know and we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen.
  • We put our material stacks and equipment where you want us to.
  • If we mess something up, we’re gonna fix it and it won’t cost you a dime.
  • We want you to be 100% satisfied.  No matter what. Always.
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers for you to ask questions about our products, service and company.
  • We are a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Choose C's Exterior Designs in Billings, MT

Here at C’s Exterior Designs, we are proud of a few basic, yet important business facts about our company:

For over 20 years, C’s Exterior Designs has…

  • Never changed our company nameChoose C's Exterior Designs in Billings, MT
  • Never changed our phone number
  • Never been involved in litigation
  • Never had a lien filed on a project
  • Never changed the company owner

The right decision is complicated.  C’s Exterior Designs understands that and we will take the time needed to make sure you’re comfortable with your final decision.