Should You Consider Hardie Board Siding for Your Home?

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The introduction of various house exterior trends often confuses homeowners regarding choosing a siding. One of these popular trends is Hardie board siding. The siding style has gained the likes of numerous house exterior designers, and the demand for them has skyrocketed.

However, the real question lies, is Hardie board siding just a trend or a worthwhile purchase? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Hardie Board Siding?

Hardie board siding is named after its manufacturer James Hardie. Commonly, it’s also regarded as fiber cement siding.

As the alternate name suggests, Hardie board siding is a mixture of cement and cellulose fiber and some sand concentration. Consequently, the siding manufactured is robust, long-lasting, and versatile. The different styles home exterior designers can achieve with Hardie board siding have made it quite in demand.

Pros of Hardie Board Siding Installation

Here are some benefits of Hardie board siding installation if you consider this exterior style.


The famous siding comes in various colors and styles, including wood-like designs. Hence, your home’s exterior gets an incredible finish that catches everyone’s attention. However, it also saves you from extensive wood-siding maintenance routines.


Some siding materials are prone to pest infestation and mold growth due to easy penetration or moisture. These issues can decrease the visual appeal over time while requiring maintenance procedures that vacuum your wallets.

In contrast, Hardie board siding is free from such issues as cement and fiber are pest-resistant materials. Hence, whether it’s termites or even woodpeckers in your area, they will be unable to cause any harm to the exterior of your home. The moisture resistance is also beneficial for keeping mold problems at bay.


Since the material is moisture resistant, it can easily withstand rain, snow, and humidity. Furthermore, the sturdy material can survive other weather and environmental elements, increasing the lifespan of this house siding. Thus, the durability of Hardie board siding is applause-worthy as it requires less maintenance and renovations over the years.

Fire Resistance

Hardie board siding is also renowned for its fire-resistant properties. Hence, if you reside in an area where wildfires are common, rest assured that your house won’t catch a fire thanks to its non-combustible make-up. Moreover, the materials are also hard to ignite a fire, giving the ultimate protection.

Cons of Hardie Board Siding Installation

Here’s the most prominent con of Hardie board siding.

Initial Costs

Even though Hardie board siding installation is worth the investment in the longer run, the initial cost can be hard to bear. The siding is more expensive than its counterparts and needs a good budget for the material purchase. The labor cost added to the equation might also repel some homeowners.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a house siding that will last for ages, Hardie board siding is an unmatchable candidate. The fine finishing and fantastic performance have made it an industry favorite in recent years. Hence, you’ll find it worthwhile if you can spare a hefty sum for its initial costs.