Decks & Pergolas

Extend your living space with a new deck or pergola.

Decks Extend Your Living Space

Decks are a fantastic way to extend your living space for entertaining friends and family. The designs are limitless and as unique as your property.

Here are things to consider when building a deck:

  1. Solid footings for plumb posts
  2. Railings and how they attach
  3. Attaching the frame to the existing structure
  4. Materials
  5. Stairs
  6. Benches or built-in seating

A well-built deck expands your living space, improves the resale value of your home, and offers enjoyment to you, your family, and friends. From backyard barbecues and late-night stargazing to better market value, your quality of life improves. It’s important to remember that quality of work is critical when you consider any type of home improvements — you’ll need a deck installation company you can trust.

Depend on C’s Exterior Designs when you’re looking for reliable deck installers in Billings, MT. Backed by our experience as well as our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us for quality workmanship and excellent value. Your project starts when you call us for an on-site consultation.

We Work With Your Insurance

We will work directly with your provider to make sure everything gets repaired to proper standards.

Quality Materials

We use only the best manufacturers and keep a wide variety.

Locally Owned

We are truly local, we were here before the storms, and we'll be here after.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling is as easy as filling out a booking form or giving us a call.

The Best Decks Start With Superior Trex Decking

trex decking

Trex is a brand of high-performance composite boards engineered to resist fading, scratches and stains so you can eliminate time-consuming maintenance.

Made of a 95% blend of recycled material with reclaimed wood, reclaimed plastic and sawdust, Trex decking is environmentally friendly and highly durable. Trex is available in many different colors with accent pieces for posts and railings.

The Trex Advantage

Trex Decking is revolutionizing the decking industry. Not only does it look great, but its superior design and construction make it a far better choice than traditional wood decking for any outdoor living area. Trex Decking offers a range of advantages over wood that makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance their backyard space.

One major advantage of Trex Decking is its durability. Unlike wooden decks, which can rot, warp and splinter over time due to weather exposure, Trex Decking is designed with a composite material that resists fading and staining from UV rays as well as moisture damage caused by rain or snow. This means you won’t have to worry about repairing or replacing your deck every few years due to wear-and-tear like you would with wood. Plus, since Trex Decking doesn’t require regular maintenance such as sanding or painting like wood does, you won’t have to spend extra money on upkeep either!

Another benefit of using Trex Decking instead of wood is that it requires less labor during installation compared to other materials like concrete or brick pavers. This means that you can complete your outdoor project in a fraction of the time and with less effort than if you were to use traditional decking materials. Plus, since Trex Decking is designed with built-in fasteners, it’s easier to assemble and much more secure than any other type of deck material out there.

Our Clients Love Us

We ordered a Provia Craftsman door and storm door from C's Exterior. We were doing a complete replacement of the the entire front door including the storm door. The door was a custom build and color. The match was perfect and the door was exactly what we ordered. The installation went off without a hitch. We were very, very pleased with the entire process. We ordered a high end door and that's what we received and the whole process was great.
Gary Lundgren
I am so grateful to Dale and C's Exteriors for getting my house back together so quickly! Dale responded right away to addressing my destroyed house (windows/roof/siding) from the horrible hail storm. He worked and dealt with the insurance company, with always my best interest in mind. The people working on my house were courteous and fast workers, leaving the area better then how they found it. I am impressed with the follow-up and commitment that Dale and C's Exteriors have given my family over the years! Heartfelt THANKS!!
Kari Drange

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