Metal Siding

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Metal Siding Offers a Distinctive Look to Homes and Businesses

The industrial look is very popular in the architecture of today’s modern homes and commercial buildings. Metal siding is the perfect material for the industrial look by varying the direction and color of metal. One section will often be vertical with the next section horizontal. Oftentimes, you’ll find complimentary colors that give the building more depth and character. 

At C’s Exterior Designs, our design team will work with you to create the perfect metal siding configuration for a beautiful and unique look. Our hands-on experience spans thousands of projects, giving you confidence our advice, installation and finished product is best-in-the-market.

shaker steel siding

Styles of Metal Siding

Metal siding comes in a variety of interesting styles including traditional lap, dutchlap, vertical or shake. Take advantage of the durability and longevity of metal material while using the design components available. 

Different styles offer a choice between visible fasteners and hidden fasteners for distinctly different looks. Horizontal metal siding has a classic look while vertical metal siding is more industrial looking.

Advantages of Metal Siding

  1. Extremely durable and isn’t prone to warping, cracking or peeling like other siding materials.
  2. Low maintenance means you don’t have to spend time every other year re-staining or painting.
  3. Energy efficient due to reflective properties that move UV rays away from your home.
  4. Pests and bugs aren’t a problem because they can’t hide underneath.

Disadvantages of Metal Siding

  1. Dents can be caused by extreme weather in thinner metal materials.
  2. Higher upfront costs mean you spend a little more on materials and installation but in the long run, it’s worth it.
  3. Replacing a section can be tricky because the color might not still be available and it’s harder to match the finish.
metal siding advantages