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Attention to Detail

Painting is not as easy as you might think. It takes extreme patience, attention to detail and specific tools for the ultimate finish. From taping off windows, to prepping surfaces to trying to reach high peaks, you will be much happier and less stressed if you hire a professional team to paint your home.

Our painting experts have first-hand knowledge of finishes, cutting, coverage, products and techniques. We take great care while in or around your home to provide you with an exceptional experience leading to a beautifully finished painting project.

How Painting Projects Go Wrong

How C's Makes Your Projects Go Right

Thin, spotty coverage

If you’re working fast and trying to get the job done to move on to the next job, the quality of spray or rolling will suffer. Thin, spotty paint coverage is the result.

C's Coverage Assurance

We care about every single project as if it’s our own home and take the necessary time to do a complete, finished job. Our paint spray technique is time-tested and we roll-over areas to help smooth out any thick or thin sections.

Rough Edges

Painting with two different colors on adjoining surfaces should be a concern for the precise edge you deserve. Where walls meet ceilings or where walls meet adjoining walls are the places where bad painting will be exposed the most.

C's Process for Perfection

Our painting process includes meticulous attention to those areas most obvious to the naked eye. Where walls meet or walls meet ceilings, our painting experts take extra care with edges, cutting in, touch up and finish work.

Taping Off Trim

Prepping the area for painting usually includes taping off trim to keep new paint colors from bleeding onto the trim. If you aren’t patient and try to move too fast, the taping process won’t protect trim properly and you end up with spots and paint on trim boards.

C's Taping Team

Our team is quality controlled and managed for precision taping and attention-to-detail so overages and bleeding are prevented in the first place.

Cheap Product

Half of your painting project’s success depends on the quality of the paint. Cheap paint that doesn’t provide adequate coverage will not only look bad, it will show wear and tear faster and not hold up to the elements, both inside and outside.

C's Quality Standards

At C’s Exterior Designs, we have quality standards that help you have the beautiful finish you desire backed by the professional application you need. We use top quality Sherwin-Williams providing you the best value for longevity, durability and finish.