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You should be able to trust the roofing contractor you hire in Bozeman that is putting the lid on your most valuable asset. If it’s done wrong, you could face thousands in damages from water leaks or unstable, insecure materials. 

We understand your concerns and take every project seriously, treating it with care and expert attention to detail. Our professionals are experienced in the proper techniques for valleys, drip edge, ridge cap, boots for pipes and every component needed for the successful completion of your project.

You Need A New Roof If You Have:

  • Water Leaks or Damage
  • Rotting on or Around Your Roof
  • Mold & Moisture in Your Home
  • Broken Roof Tiles
  • Torn or Warped Shingles
  • Holes in the Roof
  • Dark Spots on the Roof
  • Sagging Roof
  • Rust on Metal Roofs

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Types of Roofing We Offer

Steps to Roof Installation

Step 1 - Planning a Roof Replacement

The first step is planning and estimating. We measure the roof surface area to determine the amount of material needed and the time involved for installation. The time estimate is affected by the steepness, number of peaks, valleys, vent pipes, chimneys, or other holes to work around.

Step 2 - Roof Removal

All of your current roof material will be removed and disposed of to provide a clean surface for the installation of new shingles.

Step 2 - Assessing the Roof

Once all the original material is removed, we’ll be able to assess the condition of your roof structure. We look for water damage, holes, surface damage and adequate ventilation.

Step 2 - Installing Underlayment

Next comes the installation of drip edges and underlayment. This step provides an extra layer of protection between your home and the elements.

Step 2 - Installing the Roof Material

Installation of roofing material begins at the bottom edge of one side of your roof. We work our way up that side laying each piece slightly over top of the prior piece to ensure water doesn’t crawl up underneath any shingles. Valleys take planning and expertise to ensure they are laid on properly and finally, the peaks are completed last. Asphalt shingles are installed in rows from the bottom up and metal roofing is installed in long sheets from one side to the other.

Step 6 - Cleanup and Review

The final step our installers will take is a final visual review of the project, looking for details like consistency and finishing touches. We’ll thoroughly clean up our work areas to leave your property pristine and in great condition.

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