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New siding adds the most dramatic visual change to your home of any exterior design project. You can turn the look from dated and old to modern and contemporary. Take your fading, old color or damaged siding and brighten it up with modern, dimension and character. There are so many options for siding, you need an expert siding contractor in Sheridan to guide you through the best options for your style, budget and vision. 

Making the wrong choice of siding contractor will cost you thousands of dollars, dozens of wasted hours and may require getting it replaced all over again. 

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How Siding Projects Go Wrong

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Their Project Estimate

A really cheap estimate is so tempting because it appears you’ll save so much money. If it’s too good to be true, be wary. There are dozens of corners some siding contractors will cut in order to be the lowest bid but then short cut your project, either not completing the job properly or charging you more than the estimate.

C's Project Estimate

We work closely with you to demonstrate transparency on your estimate. We line item each and every piece and explain to you how it fits into the overall project scope. 

There won’t be any surprises and we stand by our estimate so you will know exactly the price and value to expect.

Their Product Selection

You can recognize the wrong siding contractor for you by the samples they start showing you. If the first round you see are the most expensive, hardest to install, and most exclusive, you should probably keep shopping around.

C's Product Selection

Different materials have best use guidelines to help you determine if that beautiful looking product should be placed on your home and where it would work best. Our experts guide you through different considerations to have the optimal long-term performance you need while matching the aesthetic you desire.

Their Team of Contractors

How are the installers acting on your property while they are on your project? You won’t know until it’s too late. When they show up late, make a mess that doesn’t get cleaned up, and swear to each other in conversation, you will undoubtedly be angry and regret your choice.

C's Team of Contractors

Our team is professional, courteous and behaves on your property as if it’s their own. We respect there might be children or elderly on the premises and act accordingly. We clean up our messes every day and try to blend in so you don’t even know we are there. We respect you and your home.

The Way They Address Issues

Have you ever hired a contractor and then ended up having multiple miscommunications, slow response, or challenges and defensive remarks to your questions? This behavior indicates your siding contractor is going to cause you problems.

The Way C's Resolves Issues

Our reputation is what has organically grown our business for over 20 years. It’s our most valuable asset and we protect it by doing what we say we’ll do, respond quickly to your concerns, and discuss any issues that might arise with calm and concern.

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