What is Board and Batten Siding?

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If a traditionally designed house’s exterior has ever caught your eye, chances are it had board and batten siding. The fancy siding is renowned for its old-money appeal, and perhaps that’s why it’s never going out of style despite new siding styles. However, the aesthetically pleasing look isn’t all. There are numerous other benefits that board and batten siding installation can impart to your home.

Let’s dive deeper into why this siding style is timeless yet trendy.

What Is Board and Batten Siding?

The board and batten siding have wide panels stacked together vertically. The seams of these panels are then covered with thin strips, also known as battens. The contrasting width and prominent panels add texture and depth to the look, increasing the house’s rustic feel.

The style hit the American streets somewhere around the 1840s. The fancy old-money style was a common trend in Sweden and Norway. However, American barns soon took a liking to the style. Therefore, you’d find plenty of barns having the shadow play as the light changes throughout the day, casting different shadows and creating depth. 

Benefits of Board and Batten Siding Installation

Apart from a classic look, here are some reasons you should consider a board and batten siding installation for your home’s exterior.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

The ageless look of board and batten siding enhances your house’s curb appeal. The shadowy appearance of the battens adds a chic vibe to the exterior. Therefore, people are instantly attracted to the house.

This feature is beneficial when you put your house up for sale. The exterior beauty instantly catches the eye and directs prospective buyers your way.

Weather Resistance Adds Years

Seams are common entryways for weather elements such as moisture which can wear out the home’s siding and often cause damage to the internal lining as well. However, the battens covering the panel board seams close these entryways protecting the siding from invasion.

Due to this weather-resistant property, the siding lasts for years without requiring extensive maintenance. Hence, the durability of the board and batten siding remains unbeatable, lasting nearly 25 years with vinyl materials.

Insulated Protection

If you reside in a region where extreme temperatures are known for ruining the internal environment, board and batten siding installation might be wise.

As discussed, the battens cover the seams that permeate weather elements. In addition, the battens also block the entrance for extreme temperatures, providing insulated protection. Hence, even during heat strokes, rest assured that your home’s well insulated, ensuring comfort and calm.

To Sum It Up!

Board and batten siding is an old style. Yet the appeal it creates is in demand today as the warmth and home-like exterior grab attention even from afar. Moreover, the lasting siding style can be replicated using various materials to ensure durability.

Since board and batten siding installation is a worthwhile investment, you must find talented and reliable contractors to ensure proper installation that can last for years.